Some Tips of Decorating Feng Shui Living Room

Do you believe in feng shui? There are any people who decorate their living room based on the feng shui. There are many tips which you should follow if you are interested to have the feng shui living room. In feng shui field, there will be some bad actions that should avoid. It will influence you luck. Have you known those tips? Here is some tips that you can follow based on feng shui.

The feng shui tips can be related to the directions. First, you should avoid placing the water feature on the south, west or North West. The aquarium can be the sources or relaxation and enjoyment but you should avoid those directions. Second, you should not place mirror on the south wall. Ensure that you will not see your image while you are at the window or door.

Third, you should not place fireplace on the north, North West, west, and south east. Four, the plants should not be placed on the north, north east, and south west in living room. Fifth, the clock should not be placed near the dining table. Thos are some tips. There are some other tips of decorating feng shui living room.


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