How To Decorate Your Home With Mission Style

Frank Lloyd Wright would most likely be thought about the father of mission style decorating. This heavily angled and darkly tinted embellishing style is taken heavily from his architectural designs. The full photo leaves one with a rich, deep, but still vibrant photo in their minds.

The colors involved in mission style embellishing are dark and remind me of a normal billiard space or den. Color variation is a trademark of this style of decorating.

Mission style and stained glass are nearly synonymous. The colors and shapes that mingle together in this style of design are similar to typical stained glass. No two shapes are alike and they each vary from one another in color. Though the walls of the home can not differ in shape, they can in color, but the stained glass feel can be achieved through other ways. Furnishings can be one of them. There are coffee and end tables that are created in the mission style. They are usually made of wood and have glass inserts in which the stained glass is placed. There are generally likewise spindles or columns of the wood constructed into these pieces of furniture. These spindles or columns are another hallmark of this style of designing.


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