How to Build Tuscan Living Room in Your House

Tuscan living room can be the right choice for you who love the classic and traditional look in your house. You can try to apply this style by paying attention on Roman roots. Tuscan style is very closely related to ancient and old styles which are so elegant. You may start by installing the theme of large mural and tile design. The images can be birds, trees, flowers and ponds for decorating.

Tuscan living room décor is also great with the architectural dynamics, stone furniture and the rustic antiquity. You can choose the primitive hardware and weathered textiles which are good to add the natural balances of authentic and artistic look. You may put the rustic metal tile to give the rugged and simplistic beauty of Tuscan style with this.

Tuscan living room can be applied by installing the heavy iron door handles, the hinges, knobs and also the other simplistic metalwork to make the Tuscan style more alive. Use wrought iron and copper to add the metal accents and let the Romanesque design so rich in your living room. Use the primitive coverings, draperies and other primitive things because the modern look is not really the seeing for Tuscan style.



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