Decorating Your Home With Art Deco Design

There are many style choices you can choose from to embellish your home in today’s day and age, even choices that one would never ever have thought about back in the 20th century or perhaps in the past couple of years. This includes one style from the 20th century that appears to be gaining back some appeal just recently, which style is art deco.

Back in the 1920s to 1930s, art deco design was very popular. During that period, art deco was thought about to be practical, sophisticated, and ultra contemporary. Art deco designers would typically turn down the conventional ideas and materials of embellishment and interior decoration, instead opting to use more uncommon products such as ebony, marble, stainless-steel, lacquer, aluminum, inlaid wood, sharkskin, and zebra skin.

Using more difficult, metallic products to construct the furnishings utilized in art deco design were to reflect the celebration of the machine age. In some cases, art deco designers would alter the furnishings they needed to give it more of an appearance that fit the art deco interior design. This is why the procedure of Lacquering (or giving the furniture a glossy surface) was developed.

In addition, art deco designers wanted to stress clean lines and geometric shapes. Strong, sharp angles were commonly added to the design of the room to highlight the art deco interior decoration.

If you are thinking about turning your living room or bed room into a space that highlights the art deco design, here are some ideas and tips to think about. Realize that there is typically a pyramidal impact on the rooms that use the art deco design, thanks to the Aztec and Egyptian elements that affect art deco.


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