Craftsman Style Interior Design

The natural interior colors for your craftsman style home can be easily inspired by nature. Think about using the colors of a vineyard, the various shades of fall leaves, the muted tones of stones. Craftsman Style Interior Design. Nature is anything however dull! It is soothing to the eye to follow your interior colors as they continue outside, as when glancing through a window or an open door. Take your outdoor environments into consideration, the colors of the foliage and sky. The exterior colors must also be subtle and natural, think of your craftsman home as “growing” from it’s foundation.

The craftsman house shows understated elegance, simple lines, and form following function. The existing trend awareness of ecological issues and “green living” dovetails into this visual has resulting in a rebirth of interest in the Arts and Crafts Style.

Generally restricted in square footage, the craftsman home is a model of useful design and innovative use of space typically consisting of integrated cabinetry and an open floor plan. Numerous of today’s more recent
craftsman style houses and cottages are much bigger than at the turn of the century, however still reflect open designing and unique interior and outside detailing.

Lot’s of windows to generate natural sunlight assistance brighten up the usually darker wood information of lots of initial craftsman houses. Choose sheer, basic materials for window coverings to allow sufficient light into the home. A basic embroidered information along the hemline will include the “craftsman touch”


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